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Frequently asked questions about State Disability Retirement

Do I need a lawyer in my state disability retirement case?

Technically, you do not. However, the state retirement system will have lawyers working against you trying to prevent you from obtaining your benefits. You are at a huge disadvantage if you do not have an attorney representing your rights during the entire process, including the depositions of doctors, vocational experts, other witnesses and at the trial-like hearing in your case. Call the Law Offices of Proctor & Kole today to speak with one of our attorneys and see how we can help you with your state disability retirement case.

When should I hire a lawyer in my state disability retirement case?

The sooner, the better. We cannot count the number of disabled individuals who tried to obtain the necessary paperwork from their doctors and employer on their own and confidently submitted them to state retirement, thinking that they had won their case, only to learn that they were denied benefits because something was not completed correctly. Don't let this happen to you. Don't wait to be denied your state disability retirement benefits to hire a lawyer. Call our offices today to review your application with one of our attorneys before it's too late. The consultation is free.

How does a lawyer in a state disability retirement claim get paid?

Our attorney's don't get paid a thing unless we get you your state disability retirement benefits. If we get you your benefits, we generally receive one third of the back benefits that you receive from state retirement. We would also ask that you reimburse us for the money that we spent on your case. Call the law offices of Proctor & Kole today to set an appointment to discuss this and your case in detail and how we can help you get your benefits.

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